Serv-U - flexibly configurable file server operating system Windows. As one of the most popular in the industry, Serv-U has a rich history as a reliable, fast and multi-server, which is vital for administrators. The security features provided by your facility to read / write / change to directories and files for each user, as well as control access to IP-addresses. Other features include support for simultaneous multi-user installation of the coefficients for the upload / download, setup disk quotas, support for the resumption of transfer and acceptance, support for SSL to ensure secure communications, user experience monitoring in real time and logging.
Serv-U focuses on the needs of corporate customers by adding Windows User NT-SAM / Active Directory. If you're supporting FTP transfers in a corporate environment, you can use Serv-U to support your users with little or no configuration changes. Simply install Serv-U, create a new Windows User domain, and the Serv-U is supporting all of your Windows user's FTP needs. Serv-U contains a wide variety of additions and extensions of the work that makes Serv-U faster than ever. The developers have improved the code, which speeds up connections and improves various cached data items. The program is managed from a single window. The content of the window to a particular object is changed by one click.

Remote administration provides the flexibility and power to control the Serv-U from any Windows computer connected to the Internet. Using a separate executable program on your computer, the opportunity to do absolutely everything to your Serv-U FTP servers and domains, as if you are on the same computer. There is no need to use the program "a remote PC access, or time-consuming and prone to errors editing Serv-U INI file.

Serv-U provides an opportunity to monitor your FTP server in real time. This means that you can monitor each user connected to your server and gather detailed information about it (the download speed, last command, idle time). Changes that you make to your server / domain, with immediate effect and their effect can be controlled.
* Fast and easy installation and administration
* Secure FTP-connections using SSL / TLS encryption
* Secure data transfer via SFTP using SSH2
* Support for HTTP and HTTPS
* Support of databases through ODBC
* Support for Windows NT-SAM/Active Directory authentication
* Automatic compression "on the fly" when transferring data
* Assignment of individual privileges and restrictions for each user
* Remote Management via web browser
* System service in Wimdows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
* Temporary accounts that are automatically deleted after the expiration
* The ratios Dl / unloaded, disk quotas, limiting the network traffic and the means of anti-timeout
* Full support for UNC paths
* Support for virtual paths. You can open access to folders and disks from the user's home directory
* Exchange messages with the sysadmin
* Group to create a large number of users with the same privileges
* Full support for FTP-standard RFC959, RFC1123, RFC1760, RFC2228, RFC2246, RFC2289, RFC2389 and the Secure FTP
* The resumption of interrupted downloads and landings
* Configurable messages for authentication, the listing and change folders
* Logging of all transactions in a file that can be read by other programs. Includes unique session ID, time stamp and date.

OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
Language: Multilanguage
Size: 14.64 MB

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