Headus UVLayout v2.06.03E PRO

UVLayout is a stand-alone application for the creation and editing of UV coordinates for 3D polymeshes and subdivision surfaces. Used by professionals in the games and visual effects industries, by hobbyists of all ilks and by students, UVLayout's unique approach gives texture artists the tools to produce high quality low distortion UVs in significantly less time than they would by traditional methods.

Using UVLayout could be described as the opposite of dress making; instead of cutting out a flat pattern and sewing that up to make clothing, in UVLayout the object is cut into pieces that are then flattened out to make the pattern. These flattened UV shells are not just planar projections; a dynamics based algorithm is used to spread the UVs out, as you watch, so that there's minimal stretching, compression or skewing of textures when they're applied to the object.

Some major features of UVLayout are:
* OBJ import and export
* Edge-loop Detection for quicker UV seam selection
* Symmetry Editing for faster flattening of symmetrical meshes
* Edge Straightening on shell boundaries and interiors
* Flattening Brushes for local tweaks of the automatically generated UVs
* Auto Packing of UV shells to minimize wasted texture space
* Auto Stacking of similar shells for shared texture space usage
* Subdivision Surface calculations based on limit surface shape
* Unlimited Undo of all editing functions
* Plugin Interface for integration into other applications

New tools added in this version:
- Repaint : Allows you to load an old mesh and texture map
into UVLayout where you can then modify the UVs (e.g. repack,
optimize, modify seams) and repaint the old map according to the
new UVs. Supports JPG, TIF and TGA format image files. See it in action
under the Advanced section of the uvlayout.com videos. Professional
version only.
- Auto Save Preference : Select the number of minutes between
auto saves, and up to 5 files are created in a cycle (i.e. 1 to
5 and then back to 1).

Changes to existing tools:
- Display Trace : Now supports TGA format image files.
- Wheel Zoom : Added preference to disable the pan focus effect.
- Pinning : Added Ctrl-P hotkey to unpin all points in a shell.
- Symmetry Find : If it fails because of non-symmetrical topology,
the offending polys are now marked in green. This make it easier
to identify where the problem is.
- Full Name Quick Save Preference : If ticked, the tmp#.uvl,
edit##.uvl and auto#.uvl quick save files will start with the
name of the original mesh.
- Segment : Now faster on heavier meshes, and the final welding
stage can be tweaked with the Weld Gaps setting.

Bugs fixed:
- G Hotkey : Double-G to fill select doesn't always work on
heavier meshes. Added Ctrl-G as an alternate fill select.
- Space RMB : Sometimes shells disappeared if two or more were
selected when scaled.
- Detach : If the middle of a shell was detached, the remaining
pieces still behaved like they were as one, even though there was
no longer a connection.
- Calc Subdivision Targets : Fatal error crash fix.

OS: Windows
Language:  english





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