TwistedBrush Pro Studio 17.00
TwistedBrush Pro Studio - software for artists. She has a lot of variety of drawing tools, from paints to crayons and pencils. This program is deeply affects literally from the first run. Interface Twisted-Brush little resemblance to other editors, though, and provides all the necessary features: work with the clipboard, zuming and, of course, painting. And the drawing tool, only one - the brush, but many (more than 3000 pieces) and quality presets for drawing as well as a variety of shapes and sizes of adjustability and colors make a person, not a particularly gifted artistic talent, just a couple of minutes to portray that - perhaps more accurately and qualitatively, of course - a professional who works in another editor, draw, probably, would not one hour.

Here is what's new in 17.00:

* Added - Brush Control feature added. Allows for brushes to have custom sliders!
* Added - Art Pro - Natural Media ArtSet added. Covers most natural media brush with flexible brush control!
* Added - Art Pro - Nu Media ArtSet added. Beginning stages of interesting brushes.
* Added - Art Pro - Effects ArtSet added. Beginning stages of useful and flexible effects.
* Added - Art Pro - Photo Edit ArtSet added. New brushes for photo editing!
* Added - Art Pro - Plants and Trees ArtSet added. Very early stages of this ArtSet with just one great brush so far.
* Added - Art Pro - Utility ArtSet added. The location for new utility oriented brushes.
* Added - Support for reading camera RAW files added. Well over 100 camera models supported.
* Added - Color Contrast filter added to the Brightness and Contrast category.
* Added - Solutions Paint Style 01, Pastel Style 01 and Pastel Style 02 added.
Added - New solutions added to the Image Enhancement category. Bright Detail Style 1 - 4, Bright Hyper Light Style 1 - 3 and Bright Light Details Style 1 - 4.
* Added - New solutions added to the Special Effects category. Extreme Bright Detail 1 - 2.
* Added - A new solutions category Noise Reduction added with 10 new noise reduction solutions.
* Added - Auto Levels Solution added to the Image Enhancement category.
* Added - Mask High Low filter added to the Mask Generation category of filters.
* Added - A new solution category called Channels was added with solutions for splitting and merging an image into channels components.
Added - New brush effects Shift Dab Up, Shift Dab Down, Shift Dab Right, Shift Dab Left, Shift Dab Angle and Rebase Dab Pos. These are used for the new Photo Repair brushes.
* Added - Brush effects pRnd Ang Init and pRnd Pos Init added.
* Added - D Blender brush added to Duarte's Brushes ArtSet. Thank you for the contribution!
* Added - Conte Style 01 solution added to Artistic category of solutions.
* Added - Colored Pencil Style 01 solution added to Artistic category of solutions.
* Added - Brush effect Repeat added.
* Added - pMove Smooth brush effect added.
* Added - pRegress brush effect added.
* Added - Brush effects, Lay Multiply, Lay Screen, Lay Darken, Lay Overlay, Lay Hard Light, Lay Soft Light, Lay Dodge, Lay Burn, Lay Add, Lay Subtract, Lay Color and Lay Hard Color added.
* Improved - Added a pixel isolation mode to the Mask Detail filter.
* Improved - Added an Auto Levels option to the Levels filter!
* Changed - Don't remove disabled effects from brushes when using the Optimize ArtSet feature.
* Changed - Return to using the higher quality, but slower Gaussian blur filter. The faster one has some poor quality side effects.
* Changed - All Scatter and Jitter brush effects now result in no action when the strength is zero.
* Changed - All particle random position and angle effects no result in no action when the strength is zero.
* Changed - All Bld Mix brush effects result in no action when the strength is zero.
* Changed - The default shortcuts have been completely updated to include mostly Pro brushes.
* Removed - The ArtSets Art Pro Watercolor, Art Pro Soft Pastel and Art Pro Oil Pastel have been removed.
* Fixed - Using the Fixed Size Edge and Rectangle options for the Vignette filter could result in a crash on some image sizes.
* Fixed - Using the mask wand tool off the top of the image would result in a crash.
* Fixed - When selecting brush sizes larger than 600 pixels for brushes with a texture a crash would occur.
* Fixed - The Lay Normal brush effect was not working correctly.
* Fixed - The core brush attribute Prime Primary Color was not working correctly for dynamically sized brushes.
* Fixed - A number of brushes including Cartoon brushes were not working properly on layers.
* Fixed - The dynamic status panel was not updating when a system was not restarted for over 21 days.

TwistedBrush Pro Studio 17.00

Operating system: Windows ® 2000/XP/Vista/7
Released: 2010
Version: 17.00
Language: English
Medicine: Present
Size: 17.8 MB

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