TMeter 10.3.569 Premium Edition
Program TMeter - The latest version of the effective tools for monitoring traffic and providing access to the Internet for operating systems Microsoft Windows. The utility supports a flexible and accurate count of traffic on any ground (IP address source / destination, protocol, port, etc.) in real time with immediate output on screen the collected statistics in graphical or digital form.

Key features:
- Consideration of traffic on any individual host IP protocol (TCP / UDP port)
- Graphical view of the submission counters in the form of a curve
- Automatic daily and / or monthly reports on the formation of counters
- Logging packets counted in a file or database
- Ability to block traffic when the preset limit
- Remote monitoring of traffic counters to certain users
- Private Agent Authorization - addressing spoofing IP-and MAC-address
- Simultaneous collection of traffic from multiple network adapters
- Work with VPN-encrypted packets
- Ability to speed limits (Traffic Shaper aka Speed Control)
- An in-house NAT, allowing users of the network to provide Internet access through a single external IP address of
- Firewall (packet filtering function analysis of the connection)
- Collection of traffic on a protocol Netflow v.5
- Work as a service Windows (x86 and x64)

OS: WinAll
Language: multi

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