Alchemy Mindworks PNG MNG Construction Set v2.0a.87
AMI PNG/MNG Construction Set is the ultimate application for creating animated and transparent PNG and MNG files for your web page.

It features Animation Wizard to help you create animations in minutes, sophisticated special effects, text banners, LED signs, rotation, block management, AVI conversion, supercompression, an intuitive user interface and a lot more.

Its extensive documentation and tutorials will assist even novice users in bypassing the usual learning curve for web page animation, and get right down to things that flash and move

AMI PNG/MNG Construction Set will allow you to create your own animations from image or video files on your hard drive.

AMI PNG/MNG Construction Set will assemble your original animations effortlessly through its Animation Wizard, squeeze them down with its Supercompressor; create eye-catching banners and animated transitions; manage your MNG files; add transparency to PNG graphics and a lot more.

Key Features:
· Build instant animations with Animation Wizard.
· Reduce the size of your MNG files with Supercompressor.
· Build special-effect text banners with the Banner generator.
· Create sophisticated animated transitions between still images.
· Rotate, crop, colour-adjust and resize all or part of an animation sequence.
· Implement transparency in still and animated PNG and MNG files.
· Convert animated MNG files to AVI for use with PowerPoint.
· Create rotating two-dimensional animated graphics.
· Protect your graphics with Protection Matrix.
· Drag and drop between multiple document windows.
· Manage the controls of multiple images with breathtaking ease.
· Generate text with soft shadows.
· Export MNG animations to SWF (Adobe Flash).
· Export MNG animations to QuickTime MOV files, and import MOV files to MNG animations.
· Get up to speed quickly with extensive documentation and tutorials.

ОС/OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Язык/Language: англ/english
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