TwistedBrush Pro Studio 17.10
TwistedBrush Pro Studio - software for artists. She has a lot of variety of drawing tools, from paints to crayons and pencils. This program is deeply affects literally from the first run. Interface Twisted-Brush little resemblance to other editors, though, and provides all the necessary features: work with the clipboard, zuming and, of course, painting. And the drawing tool, only one - the brush, but many (more than 3000 pieces) and quality presets for drawing as well as a variety of shapes and sizes of adjustability and colors make a person, not a particularly gifted artistic talent, just a couple of minutes to portray that - perhaps more accurately and qualitatively, of course - a professional who works in another editor, draw, probably, would not one hour.

Changes in TwistedBrush Pro Studio 17.10:
* Added - 29 new Pro brushes added to the Art Pro - Plants and Trees ArtSet!
* Added - Brush effects now can have up to 16 levels. Increased from 12.
* Added - Brush effect pEmit Radial added.
* Added - Brush effect envelope t-ang2 added.
* Added - Brush effect VM Randomize. Value modifier to randomize the strength of the following brush effect.
* Added - Added brushes Pro Basic Paint and Pro Basic Wet Paint to the Art Pro Natural Media ArtSet.
* Added - Brush effect envelopes f-in-fast and f-out-fast. Faster fading in and out.
* Added - Brush effect Disperse added. This is a 10x stronger jitter.
* Added - Brush effect Gap added. This is the reverse of the Skip effect.
* Added - Brush effects pEmit DInv 2 Alt and pEmit Dir 2 Alt added. Alternates the branched directional particles.
* Added - Brush effect Skip2 added. Skips the next two brush effects (instead of just 1).
* Added - Brush effect Gap2 added. Reverse of Skip2.
* Added - Brush effect pSpd Init. Sets the initial particle speed.
* Added - Core brush variations, Fine Coverage, Fine Coverage 50 percent feather and Fine Coverage 100 percent feather.
* Improved - Retain brush size and color information when switching to and from brushes with integral color and size information!
* Improved - When using the Line tool don't redraw the last line when releasing the mouse button. This allows for greater control with use of advanced brushes that have a random factor to them.
* Changed - The 3D Abs effect now results in no action when the strength is 0.
* Fixed - Using the Move tool on a locked layer would result in the layer being cleared. Now the layer lock (alpha lock) is ignored for the Move tool
* Fixed - Using the Cor Dab Spc set to a value of 0 in combination with other effects could result in a crash.
* Fixed - In Blob modes 4 and 5 when using a lowering brush switching pages and returning could result in a change in the fully lowered areas.

Operating system: Windows ® 2000/XP/Vista/7
Released: 2010
Version: 17.10
Language: English
Medicine: Present
Size: 17.8 MB

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