Picture Cutout Guide - a program for separating objects from the background and a photomontage. Separates objects from arbitrary background and brings them to other photos. Allows you to apply effects to the background - Filled with a choice of color, shading and blur with a choice of intensity.

The program includes the following tools:
Wide border - separating the object from the background with a rough indication of the border, apply effects to the background, keeps objects for subsequent insertion;
Insert Object - inserts the image objects, pre-cut with other tools.

The program includes animated samples:
- Features;
- Indication of boundaries of objects;
- Easy to clean background;
- The effects for the background;
- Complex background clearance;
- Photomontage.

When you first start you will be invited to view the demo to work with the program. Also, you can run any demo at any time by following the menu demo.

For a better mastery of skills to work with the program we recommend using the following method:
1. See demo.
2. Run the example again and stop it in a strange location press ESC.
3. Try to complete the example yourself.

The program can be used as a plug-in Adobe Photoshop or another compatible program. By Adobe Photoshop plug-in connects automatically. For other programs to copy the file *. 8bf in plug-ins folder or specify its location. File *. 8bf is in the folder C: \ Program Files \ Two Pilots \ Photo Plugins.

When you run the plugin opens a window with the image. After editing the images please click on the toolbar, click Ok to transfer the edited image in the main program or click Cancel to close the plug and cancel your changes.

What's new in v 1.1:
- Added rotation of objects.

Program Information
Title: Picture Cutout Guide
Version: 1.1
Year: 2010
Platform: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7
Language: english and Russian
Medicine: patch
Size: 5 Mb

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