Real DRAW Pro v5.2.4
Real-DRAW Pro happily combines vector, 2D, 3D and bitmap editing in one drawing package. Real-DRAW Pro seamlessly moves from one form to another, eliminating time-consuming conversion operations and the need for multiple drawing packages. Real-DRAW PRO is a uniquely versatile and intuitive graphic program without limits to the style and quality of output.

Key Features:
· Multi document interface
· Vector editing with Path Curves and Polynomes
· Editing shape of the text with Path
· Texture Mix with hundreds of textures, Transparency texture mix
· GenetX Procedural Textures and Colors - millions of combinations
· Bitmap Effects from standard Saturation, Sharpen, Boost to some exotic effects
· Paining with brushes on objects or Canvas
· Arrow Line object - great for tutorials
· Four levels of Antialiasing
· Antialiased rotation of bitmaps - any angle
· Texture rotation and perspective
· Quick Style Library
· Many 3D Effects, bevels, extrude, drop shadow
· Unlimited number of 3D lights on each object: Point, Spot and Distant, any combination with Material properties
· You can apply effects (such as bevel, shadows etc.) to any object, it doesn't matter if it is text, vector object, bitmap or a brush stroke
· Everything is editable at any time
· Non-destructive editing
· Abilty to convert bitmpa object into vector shapes and vice-versa
· Non-destructive sharpening of bitmap objects
· Color correction for each object separately
· Export with detailed preview, quality control, size image, sharpen, and color correction
· Enhanced sampling quality on JPG, produces one of the best looking JPGs ever
· Export and import to SVG format (vector scalable format for web)
· Export to Adobe Photoshop format with all of the objects and shadows in separate layers.
· Ability to create a whole interactive page for a web, using HTML Slicer or even create a script for Cascade Style Sheets (CSS)
· Transparent PNG input and output.
· Ability to export separate alpha channel in any format
· A special Editable E-JPG export. E-JPEG is compatible with standard JPG. You can view it with a web browser or any graphic application that has JPG capability, and if you load it into Real-DRAW you can again edit the objects.
· Output plug-ins allow you to export into additional formats such as GIF, TIF, TGA etc.
· Import and translation of WMF files
· Import CompactDRAW IDR files
· Multimedia Export to Multimedia Builder or generic export to any authoring tool - thanks to the Packages, it is now very easy
· Smart nondestructive Crop
· Packaging, Nested Packaging, Nested Grouping
· Guidelines, Grid, full or draft wire frame view
· Blueprint method for cloning with onion skin ability
· Small, fast loading

What's New
* Liquid Shape and Liquid Package
* Non-Photo Realistic Styles
* Export to Clipboard
* Draft Bitmap with Reference
* Re-Crop tool with ability to switch between Normal image and Image by Reference
* Crop tool can be now used inside packages
* Various fixes and additions: Pure Vector Export - fix on regional dependency, Limited Poly Nodes option, preview during Megarender creation.
* Tools can now have customized keyboard shortcuts
* Area gradient

Latest version: 5.2.4
* fix for Megarender in Vista/Win7

Language:  english
OS: Windows XP, Vista 32/64 bit and W7 32/64 bit

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