Vicon Blade - a software package to digitize the motion. This unique software package is the only truly integrated solution that offers all the tools needed to capture the motion into one integrated environment - it will help you realize the most daring ideas with uncompromising accuracy. Vicon Blade - flexible and scalable platform with a modular architecture, a comprehensive set of management tools and a full-featured scripting language HSL.

Powerful rendering of the kinematic and reorientation

Available Vicon Blade - the latest algorithms kinematic miscalculation, to optimize processing and to achieve the necessary results in the shortest possible time. Using these algorithms to redirect can significantly increase the efficiency of data for the skeletal models of virtually all shapes and sizes. To achieve an absolutely accurate display the captured material you are given complete control over the process of digitization.

A scalable system for real-time

The flexibility of the system Vicon Blade allows you to customize it to meet specific requirements for digitization - you can always choose the optimal configuration, not to overburden the system and thus permit the realization of your creative ideas in full. Vicon Blade allows you to capture a 3D real-time data and 2D data in full resolution for further processing - you will not have to sacrifice quality for speed and vice versa.

] Completely in 3D, completely in real time
A true three-dimensional rendering and capture, combined with the rich possibilities for the imposition of video and audio support, allow you to fully control the process of digitizing and monitor the quality of the final result.

Exceptionally high quality
The modern conditions of production of content impose extremely high demands for motion capture, and to comply with these requirements Vicon Blade has all the necessary tools for modeling three-dimensional marker coordinates, the kinematic labeling and multipass reconstruction - all to ensure high quality of the final material.

A sound system configuration and status monitoring system
The bigger the system, the more urgent is the problem of quality tools for configuring and monitoring - the effectiveness of the workflow requires constant optimization of the system. Vicon Blade offers you many opportunities for setting up the system - from the complete reconfiguration of the interface to the development of individual scenarios and create their own modules using SDK Blade.

- Scalable system configuration in real time allows you to configure the system based on the capture of the specific requirements for digitization
- Extremely efficient algorithms for calculating the kinematic and reorientation provide high speed and absolute control over the results, ensuring uncompromising accuracy
- Everything you need for capturing a full quality - you can handle the smallest details of hands, face and body, responding to the rapidly increasing demand for high-resolution material
- The true capture in real time, 3D rendering, video overlay and audio playback provides the highest quality of treated material
- A sound system configuration and support for monitoring real-time system ensures the stability and reliability of the system, allowing you to squeeze every bit of its ability to capture

With Vicon Blade, you can be sure of perfect results according digitize your creative designs!
Vicon Blade includes all the crucial elements needed for motion capture, simplifying everything from system configuration to actor setup and delivering mocap data of the highest accuracy. Aimed at film, game, broadcast and post studios, Blade ensures what you capture is what you deliver.

Blade 1.7 New Features


Optical capture is now more accessible for smaller studios, can be used for a time-saving range of motion setups prior to capture in larger volumes and perfect for facial capture in smaller volumes.


Cache previous takes and scrub through them on the timeline so you can review the quality of your takes.


Users can now opt to reconstruct their motion capture data with 2D tracks, for maximum speed or 3D predictions, for more precise accuracy. The choice is yours.

Language: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7

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