Package for simulation of three-dimensional objects and scenes - pretty simple in learning and at the same time with features typical of more expensive programs of similar purpose. Supported formats include 3D Studio, POV-Ray, VRML (1 and 2), RenderMan, Lightwave, DXF, Alias triangle, Wavefront OBJ, Direct X. From the pleasant vozmozhnostepy noteworthy embedded tracer, based on technology OpenGL, as well as the presence of a rotation of a model created and "traveling" on the three-dimensional scene.

AC3D has a built-in support for OpenGL, simple and intuitive interface, supports many formats of 3D-files. Among other features of the program can recognize the work with an unlimited number of polygons, built-in editor of textures, the presence Tools to create 2D and 3D text.

The program has a stylish and user-friendly interface (similar to 3DS Max) allows the user to quickly learn and work effectively. To develop AC3D average user only one or two days. The program is very stable, while working with her not there fault.

AC3D 6.7.15

- Added - Collada geometry importer
- Added - arrow key nudging in TCE.
- Added - Render to Texture plugin
- Added - keep_windows_on_main_screen to advanced settings - default is off.
- Added - mouse wheel scrolling on hierarchy window
- Added - after a single object is selected the number of vertices and surfaces is now displayed along with the name.
- Fixed - VRML1 (. Wrl) importer now handles indexed face sets that don't have a -1 on the last item
- Fixed - bug where some files could be loaded twice due to the importer
- Fixed - Collada export material names are now the same as material ids.
- Fixed - (wrong) version number in trial period expired messages
- Changed - work on Windows printing code reliability
- Removed - FOV setting from prefs (use menu on 3D Views instead)
- Fixed - bug in precision error checking on setting precision decimal places
- Fixed - OS X how hides the tcl console at startup (appeared if a popup was shown)
- Added - mouse scroll wheel events handled under Linux
- Changed - MAC - altered UI background color to match system better
- Fixed - problem with MAC balloon help popping up offscreen or under another window
- Fixed - removed extra console output displayed at startup from LDraw plugin
- Fixed - mouse scroll wheel events now handled under Linux
- Added - the knife plugin in all platforms

Full Features:

Year: 2010
Operating System: Windows All
Language: En
Medicine: serial
Size: 10.47 Mb

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