Informatix Piranesi 2010 v6.0.0.3672
In Piranesi 5 you'll find a reorganised user interface that makes it easier to learn, easier to find your way around, and yet manages to release more of the screen space for the image you're working on. There's a whole range of other new features and improvements to Piranesi and its sister program Vedute. We've also given you an extra 200 royalty-free images to use in your work.

Piranesi's patented '3D painting' is founded on a number of key features which make it easy to develop stunning 3D images quickly.

Informatix Piranesi 2010 v6.0.0.3672


You can watch these features in action with new tutorials.

Compatible Products
3ds Max and VIZ
Informatix provides the following plug-ins for 3ds Max and VIZ. Panorama support is included in the plug-ins for versions 4 and later.
On Windows, AccuRender 4.0 is able to generate EPix files ready for use by Piranesi.
Piranesi support is included in Archicad 8.0 R3 and later on Windows, and from Archicad 9.0 on Mac.
Architectural Desktop
You can render directly from Architectural Desktop into a Piranesi format file, by downloading a plug-in developed by Informatix and Autodesk.
Art*lantis R versions 1.0.2 and later come complete with Piranesi support.
Autocad users can use Piranesi by exporting to 3DS format, and then using Vedute to render the model in EPix format. Vedute will also accept DXF files, but some 3D geometry types will be lost in the process.
3DS output is no longer available in AutoCAD 2007 and AutoCAD 2008, but Autodesk has released a 3DSOUT utility.
Autodesk Building Systems
You can render directly from Autodesk Building Systems into a Piranesi format file, by downloading a plug-in developed by Informatix and Autodesk.
Autodesk Civil 3D
You can render directly from Autodesk Civil 3D into a Piranesi format file, by downloading a plug-in developed by Informatix and Autodesk. The plug-in is supported by Autodesk Civil 3D 2006 but not 2007.
Cheetah3D version 3.0 for Mac OS X is able to generate EPix files ready for use by Piranesi.
Cinema 4D
Informatix supplies a plug-in for Cinema 4D versions R8, R9 and R10. The download contains all the files you need for both Windows and Mac OS X. Earlier versions of Cinema 4D are not supported.
Form*Z versions 3.9 (Windows), 4.0 (Mac) and later come complete with Piranesi support.
Informatix supply a plug-in for LightWave[6] and later.


The Piranesi user interface has been designed to be as flexible as possible to help you find the best way of presenting the tools to suit your style of working. In many cases the toolbars can float or be docked to the top or sides of the working space to help maximize the drawing area.


No need to endlessly tweak the size of objects placed into your scene - cutouts within Piranesi automatically scale in size relative to their surroundings! You can override this if you want to place larger or smaller objects, simply typing a new height for the object will define its new size.

This screenshot shows a tree scaling automatically between the foreground and the background of the scene.


Piranesi 5 is packed with useful resources to help you start creating interesting and compelling illustrations quickly, including hundreds of different entourage cutouts and thousands of different brushes, fills, rasters and textures. Piranesi even allows you to create new styles from your own imagery.

Piranesi's Style Manager provides a quick and simple method to store and access your extensive library.


For those in a hurry to prepare presentation materials there is the magic of the multi-fill button which can apply a series of artistic effects to an image with one click!

There are a wide range of multi fills available out-of-the-box with Piranesi 5 such as: conte pen, sketch (shown), watercolour, oil paint. Piranesi's extensive configurability allows you to also create your own multifills too.

System Requirements
Despite its powerful rendering capabilities and extensive range of effects, Piranesi does not need a high-specification computer on which to run.

OS: WinAll
Language: English


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