Alien Skin Software. Master Bundle Collection 2010 x86/x64 - a major new package of all the latest issued by the company's image filters Alien Skin Software. These filters priydut to help both beginners and professional users. With these filters you cmozhete easily and efficiently handle or decorate any images.

Eye Candy 6.0.0a (x86/x64)

Eye Candy 6 is a set of 30 filters, which have a wide range of design solutions, from smooth web interface to tasteful logos with an exciting title. Realistic simulation of natural effects gives beautifully detailed results. You can create the most intricate natural effects for a few minutes.

Bokeh 2.0.0 (x86/x64)

The new filter is designed to attract attention to a particular object in the photo. Allow you not to buy expensive lenses, such as a Canon EF 85mm f/1.2 II and Nikon 105mm f/2.8 Macro, to achieve an excellent blur effect to focus the viewer on a selected object. With its help, you can add effects to the image depth of field, make a stand, or emphasize the main object of other available means. Feature of the plug-in that it closely mimics the effect of blurring, which can be obtained using these lenses. Bokeh - a focus on the main site photos.

Blow Up 2.0.4 (x86/x64)

The new filter offers high-quality image resizing, better than bicubic interpolation. A filter when you change image size, retains a clear edge and smooth lines, and creates four (1600 percent) increase without the appearance of step artifacts and luminescence. In some cases, Blow Up allows enlarge six times without visible artifacts

Snap Art 2.0.1 (x86/x64)

Set of filters designed to transform photographs into paintings or drawings, hand-drawn in different styles. Snap Art contains a large set of preliminary preparations, which enable one click to create oil paintings or painted charcoal, watercolor, colored pencils, pen and ink, pastel crayon, as well as in comic style, pointillism and impasto (applying paint with a thick layer ). The filter allows you to choose canvas or paper type, which will create the image. When you create Snap Art figure takes into account the contours of objects in the original photograph, making strokes and strokes fall naturally.

Exposure 3.0.5 (x86/x64)

Positioned as a tool for professional photographers. Allows you to add digital photos to "shot on film Fuji Velvia 100F" (even with the imposition of grain, which is characteristic of this film), or to help convert an image into black and white or duotone, wear out a photo, or make a color correction image.

Image Doctor 2.0.1 (x86)

Note for users requested a set of five high-quality filters: Dust and Scratch Remover, JPEG Repair, Blemish Concealer, Skin Softener, and Smart Fill. The proposed set allows you to perform more complex operations involving the removal of unwanted objects, retouching. Smart Fill removes large artifacts (human figures in landscapes, street signs, trash in the grass - and replace their piece of the background), while the Scratch Remover is designed to work with relatively small defects (scratches, date, text), while removing unwanted background noise in the image. Spot Lifter removes defects with preservation of background textures and fine details, lightens dark circles under the eyes or shadows from the wrinkles, "erases" the tattoo, while maintaining the texture of the skin. Helps to quickly remove dust from an image or stains. The fourth module, JPEG Repair, eliminates the typical method for compressing JPEG image block structure. Alien Skin Image Doctor also works with selected parts of the image, that is correct can be just what you need.

Xenofex 2.12 (x86)

This special collection of inspirational effects that will give new energy to any graphic project. Yet never been so easy to create natural effects and complex distortions. Set of filters for Photoshop, which allows making various design effects, such as using it to create lightning in the background, add a mosaic effect, transform your image into a crumpled piece of paper and burn it on the edges. This is not the whole list of effects.

Some filters have a crack on the CORE-
Installation instructions:
- After you install the filter to run it in Photoshop, will require a serial number;
- In the keygens of 3 filters to choose from the drop down list the desired filter, bottom left;
- Press the "Generate" - will be serial;
- The resulting serial number to enter in the registration window, click "Next";
- On the next page to find the activation of "Other activation" => go in there => copy found there "Installation ID" in the appropriate line keygens;
- In keygens click "Activate" - will be 16-digit "Unlock Code";
- Copy the "Unlock Code" in the appropriate line in the activation and click "Activate."

System requirements:
- Intel Pentium 4 processor (or compatible)
- Windows XP or later
- RAM 1024 MB
- Monitor resolution of 1024x768 and more
- Adobe Photoshop CS3 and above
- Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 and above
- Adobe Fireworks CS4
- Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2
- Corel PhotoPaint X3 and higher

Year: 2010
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 x86/x64
Language: English
Medicine: All Inclusive
File size: 531 MB

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