Prime Focus DeadLine v4.1 SP1

The hassle-free administration and rendering toolkit for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux-based render farms.

Deadline® offers a world of flexibility and a wide-range of management options for render farms of all sizes. Experience the depth of features that sets Deadline apart from other render management products:
Rock-steady operation: Deadline´s unique architecture removes the need for a centralized manager application by using File Sharing to manage the farm. As long as your server machine is running, Deadline® is running.
Intuitive user interface: Built with your creativity in mind, Deadline´s UI has evolved in response to extensive feedback from artists. Instead of web pages, mysterious elite terminology or strange multi-platform UI widgets, there is a single, integrated Monitor UI.

Cross-industry rendering support: Deadline® supports a wide range of rendering packages – and includes unique, custom-written interfaces for 3ds Max, After Effects, Blender, Cinema 4D, Fusion, Generation, Houdini, Lightwave, Maya, Modo, Nuke, RealFlow, Softimage (XSI), and Toxik for enhanced efficiency and configuration.
Flexible job scheduling: Numeric job priorities, machine groups and pools, named limit groups, and job-specific machine blacklists/whitelists allow you to handle both limited license plug-ins and render packages. Deadline® provides the capability to explicitly control distribution of rendering resources among multiple departments.
Secure administration and auditing: Administration features are optionally password protected and all modifications to jobs, tasks and slaves are both logged and easily traceable. Remote administration tools – such as the ability to start/stop/restart both the Slave application and the machines – are built right into the UI.
Remote error reporting: Reduce downtimes – and speed up problem solving – with optional remote error reporting. Render errors and general application problems get reported directly to Prime Focus Software – putting our team on your field.
QuickTime support: Install QuickTime (7.04 or later) on your Windows or Mac OSX slaves to create QuickTime movies from your own rendered frames. As an alternative, Deadline® also allows users to create QuickTime movies with Fusion.
Tile rendering: Split up large frames into smaller pieces and distribute them over your render farm. Deadline® creates a separate job for each tile – allowing for single frames and frame sequences to be tile rendered. Available for 3ds Max, Maya, Modo, Rendition, and Softimage (XSI).
Job monitoring: Drag and drop jobs from the Monitor UI into Deadline´s job monitoring tool for automatic progress updates. Track the progress of a few specific jobs without having to refresh the Monitor UI.
Cost effectiveness: Deadline® is available free-of-charge for start-up render farms of two nodes or less. Affordable pricing is available for small, medium and large render farms.
Reduced energy footprint: Deadline® provides a green-friendly solution of reduced energy consumption with Deadline´s Power Management feature that shuts down idle machines saving power and cooling costs. This feature is available for render farms with machines that support WakeOnLan.

Supported Rendering Packages:

3ds Max (Autodesk)
Brazil (Splutterfish)
finalRender (Cebas Visual Tech.)
finalToon (Cebas Visual Tech.)
Maxwell (Next Limit)
Mental Ray (Mental Images)
RenderPipe (ARTVPS)
VRay (Chaos Group)
3ds Viz (Autodesk)
After Effects (Adobe)
Blender (Blender Foundation)
Cinema 4D (Maxon)
Cleaner XL (Autodesk)
Combustion (Autodesk)
Frame Fixer (Technolumiere Ltd)
fryrender (RandomControl)
Fusion (Eyeon)
Gelato (NVIDIA)
Generation (Eyeon)
Houdini (Side Effects)
Indigo (Nicholas Chapman)
Lightwave (Newtek)
FPrime (Worley Labs.)
LuxRender (LuxRender)
Mantra Standalone (Side Effects)
Maxwell (Next Limit)
Maya (Autodesk)
3Delight (dna research)
finalRender (Cebas Visual Tech)
Gelato (NVIDIA)
Maxwell (Next Limit)
Mental Ray (Mental Images)
Renderman (Pixar)
Turtle (Illuminate Labs)
VRay (Chaos Group)
Mental Ray Standalone (Mental Images)
MetaFuze (Avid)
MetaRender (IRIDAS)
Modo (Luxology)
Nuke (The Foundry)
Particle Illusion (Wondertouch)
Quicktime (Apple)
RealFlow (Next Limit)
REDAlert (RED)
Renderman (Pixar RIB)
3Delight (dna research)
Air (Sitex Graphics)
Aqsis (Paul Gregory)
BMRT (Lary Gritz)
Entropy (NVIDIA)
Photorealistic Renderman (Pixar)
Pixie Renderer (Okan Arikan)
RenderDotC (Dot C Software)
RenderPipe (ARTVPS)
Rendition (Holomatix)
Rhino (McNeel)
Sequence Publisher (IRIDAS)
Shake (Apple)
Softimage/XSI (Autodesk)
Terragen (Planetside Softare)
Toxik (Autodesk)
VNS and WCS (3D Nature)
VRay Standalone (Chaos Group)
Vue (e-on software)

Prime Focus DeadLine v4.1 SP1

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