Web Creator Pro 5.1
With a unique and innovative technology, Web Creator Pro - is the only service program authorization, which will give you impressive graphic effects without any programming and without the need to plug-ins. Get access to impressive graphic creativity without sacrificing ease of use and efficiency, thanks to friendly interface and built-in tool.

Any user can create pages rich in interactivity with its function of sensitivity to events / actions.

Among the new features, the bookmark page allows you to easily manage pages, while the elements tab offers a unique and powerful system schematic. Grilles property allows you to set the parameters of selected items, and view results directly (no dialog windows). Version 3 includes a library of templates to choose from and setting a mark on the color of your subject, image or logo with a service program sample. Easily add visual effects with the built-in service programs: a framework, partial transparency, bright points, shadows and more. Get the results, which might envy graphic designers with the help of generators menus and buttons: set transparency, overlay, etc. Create field-controlled forms and passwords to gather information and interact with your visitors. Insert the flash animation, paste and edit the HTML and javascript. Includes a fully revised help and guidance. Get professional results with just a few actions.

- Choose a template library of thousands of sites and pages with themes, including: industry, commerce and services sectors.
- Group all the elements on the same level with a unique service program overlay layers for movement or interaction with a multitude of elements with a single command.
- Insert elements: Images, logos, animations.
- Customize your template to give color to match your logo or any image with the help of the service program sample color.
- Add your visual effects (transparency, shadows, frames and many others) directly from the graphics library.
- Come to the Internet: a simple integrated module of the transmission and analysis of the weight of pages, one click publish and upload finished pages / Web sites.

Year: 2010
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size: 79.61 Mb
Medicine: present

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