DeleD 3D Editor 2.44 CE
DeleD is a 3D modeler and level-editor combined into one. It focusses at game development and is specifically designed to create static objects/worlds. DeleD unites the functionality needed to create complex 3D scenes with an easy-to-understand userinterface: learn to build worlds within the hour!

DeleD 3D Editor 2.44 CE
The concepts behind DeleD are simple. Draw and manipulate textured cubes, spheres, rectangles, grids, cylinders and more. Combine them into new 3D objects and use those to create complete scenes. Then use various types of lights like spotlights, directional lights or pointlights to bring your scene to life.

DeleD is a 3D modeler designed to help you create content for your game project, whether you're a professional or indy game developer. Other areas in which you can put DeleD to good use are, for example, educational services, webdesign, prototyping and image creation.

DeleD focusses on five areas to provide in your daily modeling needs. These are:

• Geometry Editing: DeleD has lots of tools to modify 3D objects, including Smoothing and Boolean Operators

• Animation: DeleD provides a basic animation system allowing you to create animated objects in no-time
• UV Mapping: DeleD has a build-in UV editor, enabling you to skin your objects in detail
• Lightmapping: DeleD lights up your world with advanced lightmapping functions
• Raytracing: DeleD can create stunning pictures with its build-in raytracer

Activation, Reg. Code: not required (FreeWare)
Interface: English
OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
 Size: 10.75 Mb

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