Ashampoo Home Designer v1.0
Ashampoo Home Designer - is a professional tool 3D-designed homes for all. The program allows you to experiment as much as you wish! Ability to view the layout of rooms inside and outside of every point helps to avoid costly mistakes - an overview allows you to see the room, as if being in it - but it's not the same thing to look at the pencil sketches on the paper.

 Look at your future home in 3D before you spend money on expensive services and materials.

If you have ever been a guest of the professional designer and home interior, you probably were impressed by the layout was expensive 3D-software, which they use to illustrate your ideas. Now you can use such software themselves and plan their own house in 3D, instead of hiring a designer.


How it works
Using Ashampoo Home Designer can not be easier - this is the same as that arranged the furniture in the doll house and move there. You simply choose the size of the room, on the design of which want to work, and then drag back those objects that you want. For example, the bathroom, you choose its size and add doors, windows, bath, sink, etc. You can even put in a room 3D people to get a better idea.

Change, move, rotate, and view all the items planned room with one click. Use of materials as simple: if you want granite floor in the new bathroom, you simply choose the type of granite that you prefer and drag it to the floor. Everything. Grey granite looks not very much? Change it to the red tile with just one click! "

Change your vantage point to look at the new room from the inside, outside, top or bottom!

Turn and tilt the whole room with the mouse, change the perspective and come near the whole look of a couple of clicks to look at everything from every possible point.

Size and scale are important, and they are just as easy: you simply activate the means of measuring the size and stands out from point to point area in 3D, to gain the necessary plans for your measurements.

You can also import your own pictures and set them as background to better understand how to look your new home.

Share your 3D-objects with tools Ashampoo 3D CAD
File format Ashampoo Home Designer 3D is fully compatible with the professional products series Ashampoo 3D CAD. This means that you can export plans from Home Designer with 3D CAD, as well as import objects created with any of the four products of 3D CAD, in the Home Designer and add them to the object database for use in their projects.

Once a plan all you want to translate your plans into reality, and Ashampoo Home Designer will help you in this through an array of powerful options.

You can create lists of all objects and materials that you need, and convert them into files to PDF, RTF, XML, HTML, or Excel, to simplify the procurement and costing.

You can create bitmap images of plans with several different angles simultaneously, including the horizontal plan. In addition to the fact that you have before your eyes is an illustrative diagram, these images will be invaluable in communicating with the workers and explain what you want.

Finally, in case you are so pleased to work with Ashampoo Home Designer, which you yourself have decided to become an interior designer, the program includes a customer database with which you can manage your orders and to create proposals and responses.

• Extremely simple to use: just drag and drop furniture, doors, windows etc. the right place - all in 3D
• Extensive database of building components, furniture, materials - all very realistic
• View in 3D inside, outside, above or below - the full effect of the presence
• Rotate and tilt the entire space with your mouse
• Gently bring near view, look at the work done from afar
• Import your own photos to use them as background images
• Export your plans as 3D-objects
• Import 3D objects from a series of products Ashampoo 3D CAD
• Export and save their plans as vector images with multiple-choice survey
• Keep a list of components and materials as the files are PDF, RTF or XML
• The client database for users who want to work with other people

Language: English
Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7

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