- Improve - Most brushes can be used to paint objects on the liquid and blob layers.
- Change - By default setting a layer to a blob layer will use Alpha Smooth Lum 5 instead of Alpha Smooth Lum 3.
- Fixed - The handling of the maximized windows state at start-up could result in the main application window not being shown when selected from the task bar.
- Fixed - Fixed a case of a Invalid Gadget Canvas Handle crash that could occur after using a right click - pop-up menu.
- Fixed - Incorrect warning text when attempting to use a Liquid Paint brush on a non-Alpha Smooth 2 layer.

About a file:
Активация|рег A code: Is
Interface language: Eng
Year of release: 2010
The developer: pixarra
File format: Rar
Platform/wasps: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7
The size of a file: 16.52 Mb

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