T-Splines for Autodesk Maya and Rhinoceros (2010)

T-Spline - a new modeling technique, an alternative to NURBS and subdivision surfaces. NURBS and subdivision surfaces together are one of the cases of T-splines. This enables the T-Spline adopt all the positive aspects NURBS and Subdivision, and simultaneously remove the majority of their weaknesses. T-spline is a kind of symbiosis between NURBS and Subdivision modeling. It becomes possible to interactively switch between the methods of modeling NURBS / T-spline / Subdivision.

Year: 2010
Versions for Rhinoceros: 1.2, 1.3, 1.4.1, 2.0 Final, 2.1 Final, 2.2 Final, 2.3 r6068
Printable Maya: 1.6c
Developer: T-Splines, Inc.
Platform: Windows
Language: English only
Medicine: Present

* T-spline offers - accuracy, speed of work, and complete freedom for creativity;
* T-spline allows designers to more quickly create complex surfaces and manipulate with ease, reducing the simulation time by 20-30 percent;
* Full compatibility and conversion with no loss of T-spline surfaces to NURBS surface and back. It is also possible to convert a polygonal model in T-Spline;
* T-Spline uses 75 percent less control points than NURBS and simplifies the grid model, retaining all the details and smooth surfaces;
* T-spline combines valuable opportunities, all modeling techniques, which were previously only available separately;
* T-spline surfaces can be applied in industrial production.

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