ARION (Multi-GPU + Net Rendering | x64Bit)

At RandomControl we’re resolute to pioneer the next step in light simulation. To this end we have taken all the expertise we have gathered in the making of our flagship product fryrender and worked on an entirely new technology designed to produce comparable output, but using every single computing device at your disposal. Arion makes use of our novel proprietary multi-CPU / multi-GPU / multi-IP interactive rendering technology.

Some facts about Arion:

* Uses all the GPUs -and- CPUs in your system simultaneously.
* Plugging an extra GPU delivers an immediate performance boost.
* 20x to 100x speed up per machine (hardware-dependent).
* Strictly physically-based.
* Fully unbiased (no cheats, no shortcuts).
* Does not need any kind of precomputations.
* Easy-to-use interactive WYSIWYG editing app.
* The real-time viewport -is- final quality.
* Production render engine features (commandline renderer, compositing channels, etc…)
* Compatible with NetWarrior for hyper-fast cooperative still frame and animation rendering.


-after installation open license manager inside arion and intall the provided license.
-in configuration tab check all gpus you got and all cpus available.
-in netwarrior don’t forget to choose the path in a network shared location or it won’t use all machines available.
-install cuda to run or it won’t load.
-if you want to run both 64 & 32 bit paste "cudart64_30_14.dll” inside arion\tools folder.


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