Kaspersky RescueDisk

RescueDisk can cure your computer from viruses if you boot in normal mode is impossible.

Brief description of the functional RD:
1. Start computer with CD / DVD-media
2. Boot the computer in a graphical and text mode
3. Retention of information about hardware systems in electronic form to send it to Kaspersky Lab in the event of an unsuccessful download
4. Search malware startup objects and treatment facilities Autoplay
5. Search and destroy malicious objects in the boot sector mapped drive
6. Search malware and treatment of files on disk
7. Check the following types of media:
a. Internal Hard Drives,
b. external USB-hard drives,
c. flash-media data

8. Support for MS Dynamics Volumes and Hardware RAID
9. Support for the following file systems:
a. NTFS,
b. FAT32,
c. FAT16,
d. Ext2,
e. Ext3,
f. ReiserFS

To load a disc with USB-carrier do the following:
1. Write a disk image using KIS \ KAV 2011
2. Download it.
3. Open grubinst_gui.exe, select your flash drive and press Install.

Language: ML
Size: 198.61 MB




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