FXGear FxHair For Maya 2011, 2010, 2009 x64Bit Only

FXhair is a simulator plug-in for creating realistic dynamic motions of hairs. The robust handling of collisions and the stable solver enable users to get thousands of simulated hair strands naturally blowing in the wind in less than a few seconds per frame. Visit http://fxhair.net for more information.

FXHair has been developed since 2006 and applied to various feature films and game cinematics so far, and its 2011 version is released in public on July. The main features of FXHair are the ability to maintain stability even under highly dynamic motions. Also, the interaction between individual hairs are simulated fast and realistically, which produces natural movements of hairs under air-field influence and contact on solid meshes. A trial version can be downloaded after filling in a simple registration form and 3 month licenses are provided for all applicants.


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