fStretch For Maya 2011, 2010, 2009 x32Bit & x64Bit

fStretch is a new deformer that let one create astonishing stretch and squash setups very easily. All the resulted deformations are then sculptable and fast. The plugin can also be used for creating believable wrinkles. The algorithm is fast and can be used on heavy meshes without major slowdown. The plug-in will run real time on a reasonable mesh. With fStretch, you can now setup awesome facials rigs easier than never before! A setup that can take you days to make will now be created much faster and have better deformations. Try and see !


Real-time deformations.
Simple and easy to use.
Per-vertex tension calculation.
Sculptable contraction / extension deformations.
Paintable smooth attribute.
Three different types of setups: select the one that best fits your needs.
Copy history tool to speed up the setup process.
Bake color per vertex tool to create texture maps of the tension that can be used to drive displacement maps in order to get very detailed and realistic deformations.
Keyable contraction and extension multipliers to easily adjust deformations.


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