KeyShot 2 is an all new application built on Luxion’s production proven realtime
raytracing and global illumination technology. We have taken the world’s fastest
rendering engine, and made it even faster. Available for both PC and Mac,
KeyShot 2 still works on your old laptop without the requirements of an expensive
graphics card.

But this is just the beginning. Other key highlights of the new release include:

* Significantly faster realtime interaction utilizing a new rapid high-quality
shadowing algorithm that takes full advantage of multi-core CPUs, delivering
smooth, noise-free results instantly
* The entire workflow has been optimized by introducing a brand new user interface
* Full visual drag and drop capabilities of materials, textures and envrionments
* A scene tree that makes interaction with mulitple parts and models a snap
* A new innovative labeling system allows any number of labels to be added to any
material including glass
* An all new import pipeline supports many more native file formats on both PC and
Mac, including KeyShot’s own bip files.

LUXION KeyShot 2.1.20 32&64 bit

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dude, this software looks amazing.. Thanks!!!
5 October 2010 09:29
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Thanks a lot buddy! Great share! lol
4 October 2010 12:36
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