Invelos Dvd profiler v3.6.1 Portable
Invelos Dvd profiler v3.6.1 Portable | 10.7 MB

DVD Profiler's unique combination of desktop application and online data access sets it apart from competing alternatives. With an enormous community of dedicated users worldwide, DVD Profiler has become the most compelling source of DVD information anywhere. Some of the features here are part of Unlimited Registration. For a complete list, see Why Upgrade to DVD Profiler Unlimited.

Keep track of your entire DVD collection
DVD Profiler can manage any size collection. Extensive data collection, filtering and reporting features specific to DVD, and unique to DVD Profiler.

Put simply, DVD Profiler is the best way to track your DVD addiction!

"Completely intuitive, quick and easy to use ...and has more features than I've figured out what to do with" - Simon T.

One-step entry
Just enter the UPC from the DVD case and DVD Profiler does the rest!

If you have a DVD-ROM drive, its even easier. Put the DVD in the drive and let DVD Profiler recognize it automatically.

Don't have the UPC yet? Add it by title using powerful search criteria.

"With Dvd Profiler it took me only a 10th of the time to catalog my DVDs" - Marty G.

Peruse your collection with ease
Extensive, powerful search and filter functions let you find what you're looking for fast.

Or, browse your collection by actor or director through a filmography customized to your collection.

DVD Profiler's complete and customizable reporting engine let's you take your collection from the computer to the coffee table in style. Check the downloads section for a huge repository of user-created reports.

New! Scour the web for pictures of your favorite cast and crew to add to your local database.

Keep track of loaned DVDs
Build a database of users who borrow (or just watch) your DVDs and track lendings and/or viewings.

Monitor loan status, view and edit history by user or DVD, and generate reports to keep tabs on your collection.

"My favorite use though is I no longer have to wonder which friends currently are borrowing my movies, I keep it all organized. Thanks again for this wonderful application." - P.C.

... And much, much more!
* Charts and graphs to track trends
* Highly customizable interface. Store multiple layouts and switch at will.
* Extend DVD Profiler even more with plugins
* Parental control
* Personal "My Profiler" site to let others browse your colletion
* Seamless integration with DVD Profiler Mobile

Bug fixes in version 3.6.1

* Corrected possible access violation in DVD->Edit via the Move Down button
* Added optional printing methods to address missing images in reports, acessible from the print dialog; also changed default printing method
* Fixed: Sort options in credit info window not working
* Addressed hang experienced by some users when creating a new database
* Corrected performance issue in Personalize with very large collections
* Fixed: On Add DVD->by Disc ID, the Alternates window list keeps growing with the same entries being duplicated.
* Swapping column order of cast name/role causes display issue of credited as
* Unflag during contribution not working for localities outside the US
* Fixed program crash at start experienced by some users
* Connection closed gracefully should be trapped (everywhere? in dpo synch?)
* Layout HTML doesn't show voice flag if there's no role set
* Sorts incorrect in welcome page loaned list (date in particular)
* Fixed: Review is not saved via DVD->Edit when it is the only change
* Fixed: Copy crew section stops copying when it reaches a group divider
* In Add DVD window, the similar title detection now works with custom collection types
* Moved help to web-based help to facilitate updates (currently unchanged content from 3.5.1)
* Default odd collection types to owned, in collection read, dvd read, and collection type totals
* Fixed: Collection number in use displayed in some cases when it shouldn't be
* Fixed: Chart for Video Review showing Entire Review
* Fixed: Movie Pick selection for last watched is not filtering correctly
* Fixed: Movie Pick matching count not updated when an audience member is deselected
* Fixed: Setting exclusions via right-click did not trigger the upload during the next DPO synchronize
* Corrected error synching mobile when a custom collection type used the blank image.

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