Wusik.com Autodafe Mega Pads Collection WusikPACK ASSiGN
Wusik.com Autodafe Mega Pads Collection WusikPACK ASSiGN | 357.73 MB

"because you can never get enough Pads"

High-Quality 44.100 Hz 16 bits "Pads only" SoundSet. (works on any sample-rate). Comes with 128 Presets in V2/V3 format only. (.WusikPRST).

Contains 92 Different samplesets (with stereo Left and Right channels,totalling 184 .WusikSND Files). Each WusikSND File has 10 to 15 (or more) Multisamples in it.

Important Note: files in WusikPACK format, requires at least Wusik Station Version 5. This SoundSet contains Synth Pads Sounds ONLY.

All the sounds have been sampled from Analog, Digital Synths and Softsynths, including: Clavia Nord Modular, Clavia Nord Lead II, Roland Juno 106 and Juno 6, MS-20, MS-50, OSCar, Yamaha CS-10. Also, some Old Italian

"Combo Organs" like old Farfisas and Crumars donated something. Softsynths include Autodafe VST Synth, (custom-made VST Synth), Reaktor, Tassman, Moog Modular, Rob Papen Blue and Hartmann Neuron (all with custom-made patches)

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2.Run Wusik Station.
3.Drug & Drop WusikPACK to Wusik Station.

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