ShiVa Advanced Edition v1.8.1 + Crack

ShiVa Advanced Edition v1.8.1 + Crack

Shiva Advanced, the full complete version to create every kind of application.
Include a Team Development Manager, Performance reporter, Level Of Details Manager, Screenshots Generator, Material Batch processing and Advanced export options
ShiVa, a platform for 3D real time development, allows you to make games such as:
- First person shooter "FPS"
- Platform games.
- Adventure games.
- Massive online multiplayer role-play game "MMO".
- Race simulation games.
- Shoot them up game.

Module concept

ShiVa, like the Hindu God, is a transformer. It transforms your assets into 3D real-time applications using its multiple arms, known as modules.
There is a module for each major function, with 21 in total.
Create your own innovative interface, selecting only the modules you need for a specific task.
The ShiVa editor has a productive interface and is a "What you see is what you play” (WYSIWYP) tool with built-in advanced tools. You only need one piece of software to do everything.

ShiVa, the WYSIWYP editor


Game Editor to handle all your data assets.
The Game Editor is the masterpiece of your application.
Data Explorer
to browse your assets.
Scene Viewer
to display and edit 3D content.
Attributes Editor
to edit common properties.


NavMesh Editor to create path-finding.
Material Editor
to create advanced shaders.
Ambience Editor
to create your atmosphere
and Trail Editor to add spectacular SFX.
HUD Editor
to create your 2D interface
Terrain Editor
to create vast landscapes


AnimClip Editor to create object animations.
Create, edit, smooth and delete animation curves.


AIModel Editor to declare variables, functions, states and handlers.
Script Editor
to write scripts in Lua language.


Performance Reporter
to analyze your fps with tons of engine counters
This module is only available in the Advanced edition.

ShiVa Advanced Edition v1.8.1 + Crack


Polygonal mesh support, including:
- Static meshes
- Skinned meshes with up to 4 joints per vertex
Import Collada 3.x and 4.x, exporter available for XSI, Maya, Max and many others
Up to 15,000,000 triangles per frame
Built-in level of detail generation
Coordinates and values as 32-bit floating point values

ShiVa Advanced Edition v1.8.1 + Crack


Simple and advanced shader support (known as 'materials') , including:
- Gouraud, Phong and Toon shadings
- Vertex or pixel shader
- Outline
- Normal texture maps
- Gloss texture maps
- Noise texture maps
- Animated textures
- Dynamic textures
- Procedural texture mapping coordinate generation (planar, spherical, perspective)
- Shadows
- Transparency

Built-in material editor

ShiVa Advanced Edition v1.8.1 + Crack

Lights and shadows

Per vertex shading
Per pixel shading
Dynamic shadow maps
Cascaded shadow maps
Directional and omni-directional light
Up to 32 lights per surface.
Import light maps
Import vertex lighting
Dynamic characters casting dynamic shadows
Dynamic shadows handle alpha textures
Up to 4096x4096 shadow map

Built-in lightmap compiler
with light attenuation functions and AO

ShiVa Advanced Edition v1.8.1 + Crack

Particles and trail system

Dynamic particle system and motion trail support

Explosions, splashes

Fire, rain, snow, underwater air bubbles, etc.
Tire tracks on the road, in the sand, in the snow
Localized retinal persistence (car fires at night, sword trails, etc.).

Built-in particle and polyTrail editor

ShiVa Advanced Edition v1.8.1 + Crack

Reflection and refraction

Dynamically-generated reflection and refraction textures
Fog attenuation

Water effects

Heat haze
Ice, etc.

ShiVa Advanced Edition v1.8.1 + Crack


Up to 4096x4096 textures
Up to 5 textures per material
Nearest, bilinear or trilinear filtering
Anisotropic filtering
Repeat, clamp or mirror addressing
Compressed or not

ShiVa Advanced Edition v1.8.1 + Crack

2D Post-Render Effects

Dynamic cumulative post-render effects, including :
- Light bloom
- Color levels and saturation
- Monochrome and sepia
- Motion blur.
- Depth of field
- Distortion

Built-in Ambience Editor

ShiVa Advanced Edition v1.8.1 + Crack

3D Special Effects

Classic and height fog

2D Graphics

ShiVa includes an integrated, dedicated user interface component management system: create dynamic, intelligent and autonomous interfaces.

HUD components

- Common components (labels, buttons, editboxes, listboxes, checkbox, etc.)
- Special components (video preview, webcam capture preview, etc.)
- You can create your own controls.
- Normal, modulated or additive components.


- Create fade-in fade-out effects for components
- Create dynamic, intelligent and autonomous interfaces.


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