Template Monster Video Tutorials   Flash Website Templates How-To (DivX)
Template Monster Video Tutorials Flash Website Templates How-To (DivX)
English | 2:58:35 | 500 x 394 | 25fps | DivX | MP3-96kbps | 1,4GB
Genre: Video learning

Flash Website Templates How-To is a compilation of 3 hours video learning tutorials to learn everything about Flash website templates.
Tutorials will teach you how to use, edit and completely customize any flash website template. You will be able to do whatever you wish from flash templates in no time.

The 29 video tutorials are well explained and shown on practical examples so you will really learn everything you need to know about flash templates. Template Monster is a world s leader in building various website templates. They are well known among many internet users for really awesome stunning flash templates, breathtaking intros and beautiful audio-visual effects which make their websites of a superior level

Flash Templates

Flash templates are pre-made web design products that are basically standard website templates enhanced with Flash technology. This technology is the latest trend among internet users and webmasters today and it is the reason that our Flash templates are in such great demand. Because of that demand we pay special attention to the Flash platform in our development. All of the Flash templates we produce are of the highest quality and their production process is very well organized here. We have even started a Flash template quality control program that has resulted in a much appreciated deepening of our customer loyalty.

Each and every Flash template from our collection can be easily customized in order to meet the unique requirements of your project. We also provide 24/7 customer support for everyone who purchases our Flash website templates. This all adds up to ensuring the best possible result for the customer who uses Template Monster s Flash templates.

Flash Templates from Template Monster

Flash templates produced here at Template Monster are of premium quality as according to the company s policy quality control is essential for keeping our customers satisfied. The staff that works on creating our Flash website templates is highly skillful and they all have years of experience in working with Flash. Besides every Flash template produced is being approved by the production manager before being made available to you. We also constantly hold educational trainings for our support managers so that they would be able to help every single customer that has been lucky to purchase one of our Flash templates.

Tittle: Template Monster Video Tutorials Flash Website Templates How-To
Chapters: 29, txt list included
Source: SWF
Media type: AVI (DivX)
Size compressed: 397 MB
Size decompressed: 1,4 GB
Lenght: 2hrs 58min 35sec
Genre: Video tutorials, Video learning
Video: DivX 500?394 25fps 1130 kbps
Audio: MP3 96 kbps 44,1KHz
Language: English


Flash Site Structure
How to edit text in flash
How to find and edit any text in any flash file
How to replicate a text area with a scroll bar based
How to duplicate and swap objects in flash
How to create a button and assign a link to it
How to assign an external link to a menu button
How to center flash content
How to make a flash site load faster
How to change the order of pages in a flash site
How to add and modify metadata in a Flash template
How to edit pop-up windows
How to add more text to a pop-up window
How to resize pop-up windows
How to create a new pop-up window
How to relocate a pop-up window
How to create an emailto link
How to enable and edit a contact form
How to find pages in any .FLA file
How to edit the company name
How to edit some text and images
How to add more pages
How to manage images in Flash
How to add more images to a gallery
How to extract images and edit them with Photoshop
How to manage fonts in Flash
How to activate empty thumbs in a gallery
How to edit a background color
How to adjust rollover effect

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