C++ Programming for the Absolute Beginner, Second Edition
C++ Programming for the Absolute Beginner, Second Edition
Course Technology PTR | ISBN: 1598638750, 1598639412 | edition 2009 | PDF | 376 pages | 6.48 MB

The video game industry is unique in that it regularly incorporates every major discipline of computer science. From 3D graphics and artificial intelligence to operating system theory and database design, if you are designing a commercial video game, you will eventually run into problems from each of these fields. Some of these fields mean working with specialized languages, but ultimately the two languages that are as common to the game industry as crunch time, caffeinated beverages, and pizza are C and C++. Despite a few commercial games written in Java (which is very similar to C++), almost every game that you play is written in either C or C++. It doesn t matter whether the game runs on a PC, a game console, or even an arcade machine, chances are that C or C++ routines are at its heart. Even in cases when performance dictates that a routine needs to be written in assembly language to squeeze out more speed, it is common practice to first write the routine in C or C++.

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