AppDev   Programming C Sharp (8 CDs)
AppDev Programming C Sharp (8 CDs) | 1.87GB
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Microsoft has provided the ASP.NET AJAX Extensions, a set of assemblies based on the .NET Framework 2.0, which makes AJAX style web programming extremely simple. A task that used to take weeks; is now simplified to a drag and drop operation. This course quickly dives into the history of AJAX and the simplification of AJAX made possible with the ASP.NET AJAX Extensions. You ll learn how to make partial page updates, work with Web Services in javascript, advanced AJAX debugging techniques, and more.

In this course, you will learn how to

Understand the prerequisites for ASP.NET AJAX.
Understand the fundamentals of AJAX, and the benefits of the ASP.NET framework.
Use the ScriptManager and the ScriptManagerProxy controls.
Automatically serve localized resources specific to the browser culture.
Understand The asynchronous communication that drives partial page updates.
Create partial page updates with the UpdatePanel.
Use over 30 control extenders written specifically for ASP.NET AJAX.
Create your own extender controls for code reuse.
Create an entire real world AJAX application from scratch.
Understand the difference between Server Side and Client side debugging.
Understand the difference and benefits of Release vs. Debug scripts
Use an Object-Oriented approach to programming javascript.
Embed your javascript files as embedded resources to a .NET assembly.
Deploy an ASP.NET AJAX application

Prerequisites: This course assumes you have a basic programming background and basic knowledge of Visual C #, HTML, CSS, javascript, and building Web-based applications using Visual Studio 2005.

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