T-Gen 2 for XSI
T-Gen is the first tree and plant generator plugin fully integrated into XSI architecture. Over 100 appearance and distribution parameters, full utilization of XSI curves and forces, fast coreand node-based hierarchy ensures great flexibility and huge possibilities while creating your own trees and plants. You can use almost all XSI tools to additionally edit materials, geometry, hierarchy of all T-Gen objects. Powerful optimization tools let’s you create low-poly trees and plants for your games. Almost all parameters of T-Gen are animatable, so you can create animations of growing trees, plants and even abstract objects.

* advanced appearance and distribution settings
* node-based tree and plant hierarchy
* multicore support
* plant dynamics
* geometry optimization
* distribution of custom objects
* animatable trees and plants
* intuitive interface
* seamless XSI integration
* powerful free version
* export of plants
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7
Medicine: Present (file read nfo)
Size: 11,2 Mb

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