All vip Tutsplus Tutorials 2010 | 16.5 GB


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By atilazz


you can see it in
15 June 2010 11:51
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By atilazz


very very very thanks for net-tuts
21 May 2010 07:27
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NET-TUTS, PSD-tuts, VECTOR-TUTS, AUDIO-TUTS, watch the liks.
19 May 2010 04:25
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By apek


Hi Hunter,

The uploader took efforts to upload and share the tutorials for us. Dont be such a bossy.

Can't you read the file name? There are Audio Tuts, Vector Tuts, etc???????????
10 May 2010 00:19
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Please, can you put what kind of tutorials are ? For what program ? Is it photoshop, After effects or what ?
Some description of what is inside ?

Because if they are ALL that the TUTS webpage have of everything I am not interested to download 16 GB and only be interested in some of them.

Could you separate the tutorials in programs lists ? to download only for photoshop or only for After effects, or any other ?

Thanks very much
8 May 2010 17:06
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