Noiseware Professional 4.2 build 4205u1 (Win | Mac)
The Better way to remove Noise
Noiseware is the highly-acclaimed, award-winning software tool from Imagenomic that is setting the standard for digital image noise reduction. Noiseware leads the field for speed, quality and ease-of-use in restoring image fidelity by eliminating digital noise and unwanted artifacts introduced by high ISO photography and less than optimal environmental conditions. Unlike most image processing software techniques that utilize simple methods (such as median filters) to treat digital noise in images, Noiseware features a sophisticated yet fast noise filtering algorithm. Using the adaptive noise profile capability and sharpening function, Noiseware greatly reduces the visible noise while keeping the details in the images.

Inimitable Performance: Continuing its ever-increasing performance tradition, the new Noiseware 4.2 boasts an additional 25% speed increase, plus dual-processor support enabling a further 2X performance improvement over its predecessor. Now you can process 8 MPixel files in under 4 seconds in 16-bit mode.
Intuitive and Intelligent: True to its Easy-to-Use principle, Noiseware 4.2 further streamlines sophisticated workflow into an intuitive experience. No camera profiles needed — just click once. Noiseware’s IntelliProfileTM algorithm, with its Self-Learning mechanism, will automatically calibrate a precision noise profile and choose the optimal settings for each individual image. The manual region sampling method is also available, if preferred.
New Unique Features: Noiseware includes three new control sets to enable a wide range of fine-tuning and superior output quality. Now you can adjust detected noise levels as well as noise suppression levels by tonal and color ranges. Noiseware's new DetailGuard preserves image details based on tonality range and processing degree, safeguarding picture details from excessive alteration.

• Adobe Photoshop CS3 / CS4 (32/64Bit) ** / CS5 (32/64Bit) **
• Adobe Photoshop Elements 6/7/8
Operating system:
• Windows 2000/XP/Vista (x86/x64) / 7 (x86/x64);
• Mac OS X 10.5.x/10.6.x (Intel) *
* Noiseware plug-in for Photoshop (Mac OS X version) is available only for Intel Mac
** Support for 64-bit CS4 and CS5 is only available on 64-bit Vista and Windows 7, a 64-bit XP plug-in can only be used on 32 bit CS4/CS5.
On the Mac - CS5 can be used only in 32-bit mode.

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