AKVIS Noise Buster - a program to suppress the digital noise in the image. Elimination of noise - one of the mandatory preprocessing phase of most photos. It is better to perform this procedure from the beginning than to get in the process of editing the image suddenly became apparent color spots.

Unfortunately, even using the latest innovations digital photography does not guarantee getting rid of this problem. Noise matrix may occur for several reasons, for example, when using digital zoom, for exhibiting a high sensitivity (ISO), in low light at long shot, when the pixel is overheating due to "broken" pixels, when using the JPEG format the photography.

Even if the computer screen (after all, when viewing the large images do not always use the scale of 100 per cent) noise is not visible, they can suddenly appear when you print and spoil the picture.

AKVIS Noise Buster suppresses noise matrix of a digital camera and noises that appear when you scan a photograph and reduces graininess and eliminates non-uniform color stain on the image, while maintaining detail and sharpness of the boundaries.

The program removes both luminance noise and color (chroma). The first is manifested in the form of distorting elements that differ in brightness (such as bumps on the skin), second - in the form of small spots with the difference in color (eg, inappropriate spots of red or blue). Noise Buster copes with its task and in fact, and in another case. Noise Buster plug-in supports batch processing of images. This is very useful when working with a group of pictures, as in batch mode, the plugin is applied to all images in a folder.

Program Information
: AKVIS Noise Buster
Version: 07/05/2457
Year: 2010
Platform: Windows all
Language: multi (Russian)
Medicine: Present
Size: 22.7 Mb


AKVIS Noise Buster v 7.5.2457 ML  for Adobe Photoshop

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