GenArts Monsters GT for After Effects - Designed to complement GenArts Sapphire’s industry-standard everyday tools, Monsters GT offers an array of stunning new effects to After Effects users for the first time. Adobe CS5 compatible, Monsters GT features excellent control, the highest image quality available anywhere and the performance of GPU optimization to maximize creativity- all at an extremely aggressive price. Monsters GT equips artists with over 50 one-of-a-kind stylize, warp, fluid, trail and particle effects such as rain and smoke.

Greater Creativity
Contains over 50 unique effects including a variety of dazzling stylize, particle, warp and distort effects.

Enhanced Productivity
Features an intuitive user interface providing excellent control as well as full GPU and floating point support to maximize performance and image quality.

CS5 Compatibility
Monsters GT is 64 bit and fully supports Adobe's new CS5 release.

Monsters GT for After Effects details
* Over 50 one-of-a-kind effects, each with many options and parameters that can be adjusted and animated for an unlimited range of effects.
* GPU enabled for lightning fast render speeds. NVidia GeForce 200 or 400 series or Quadro 5800 graphics card required for maximum performance. Visit our support page for more information.
* Monsters GT uses full floating point for all internal processing, improving quality for many effects.
* Monsters GT is compatible with Adobe After Effects CS5 and CS4.

OC/OS: Windows
Язык/Language: англ/english
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