Lumonix PuppetShop v3.45 For 3Ds Max 9-2010 x32Bit & x64Bit
Lumonix PuppetShop v3.45 For 3Ds Max 9-2010 x32Bit & x64Bit

Puppetshop is a Rigging and Animation plugin for 3dsmax 8 (or higher).

It offers a unique blend of easy to use animator tools, while keeping the 'backdoor' open for technical directors.
Rig unlimited number of Spines, Arms, Legs, Necks, Custom Bone Chains in no time.
All creatures, human (biped) or otherwise are handled the exact same way and Puppetshop is tightly integrated into 3dsmax.

New Features:-

With Puppetshop you can store any number of animation clips in a single max file and switch seamlessly between them.

Import and edit Motion Capture data (BVH), including Biped compatible BVH clips. And manage all your assest via the build-in Library System.

Copy and Mirror animation data between bodyparts While an optimized trackview shows only the controllers animators care to see.

Unique 'TD Mode' allows the technical director complete access to change ANYTHING in the rig Puppetshop removes a lot of the technical headaches from the rigging process. It can save you countless hours by not having to rig the same types of skeletons over and over by hand.

Game animators can preview animation blends before wasting programmer time to implement it in-game by using the Clip Editor.

Tweak animations by using layered animation or use a single ‘Time Curve’ to tweak the timing of your animation with a single bezier curve.

Animators cannot break rigs (i.e. un-linking, overwritting controllers or deleting parts of the rig) as Puppetshop protects the rigs from common made mistakes. However Technical Directors can alter rigs when needed.

Puppetshop has been succesfully exported to engines such as Unreal3 and Granny by either integrating Puppetshop’s export functions directly into your in-house exporters or by using the build in ‘Export to Max Bones’ functionality.

Or take your animation to other applications via BVH

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