SpeedMud is a complete Toolset for Cinema4D to allow you to draw and model with cad like precision, construction and snapping System!

Complete Feature List:

-Direct Draw in the screen Polygon and Spline

-Common Manager interface for all SpeedMud Tools
-Relative and world coordinate system Polar and Cartesian

-Direct distance  and coordinate input without any shotcuts

-Snap Highlight
-Projection Snap

-Dynamic Guide

-Intersection with Dynamic Guide

-Preset or Customizable Draw Plane

-Mixed Shape Draw, 3 point Arc, Center Radius Arc

-Manual snapping: Mid point, Subdivision point , and distance point

-Automatic Welding and Edge Point adding

-Outlined Geometry
-Auto Extrusion, Positive or negative (Hole)

-Distance quantization

-Current Layer
-Interactive Draw Plane

-Complete Toolset : Draw Poly (free shape), Draw Quad, Draw Circle, Move, Rail Extrude

SpeedMud Manager Inteface

All SpeedMud Tools use a common interface.

 Homepage- www.kekko3d.com/SpeedMud.html

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 t-mick   |  

By Barbs


mac 11.5-does not work. Why? Any Idea? Please help
8 August 2010 10:51
  |    |  

By rugolt


First impression: seems to be nice.
But: it fucked up my HUD settings. Grid is gone, no chance to get it back. Gotta reinstall. Bust this!
18 March 2010 23:51
  |    |