Marry, yarn build mould stratified picture storehouse - wedding PSD templates (122 CD)
 Happy marriage, romantic wedding of every bride's dream in the heart ... ... 

Wedding photos of the art design and production, is to create beautiful last process, the overall concept and design through production, to photography into illustrations, but a collection of simple and clear the value of works of art. The current quality of life improve as people, people demand more and more wedding photos high, how to improve the Wedding album art design and production level, to provide customers  works, photography hasbecome the company's various expectations solution.


821 PSD + Catalog | UP TO 2800 Х 4200 PIX 300 DPI | 40321 MB UNRAR


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i have tried to download but can you help with:

the file has been deleted.
17 July 2010 06:42
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