Simply Maya - Starfighter - Modeling

Simply Maya - Starfighter - Modeling
910 MB / 11 AVIs / English / 5 hrs. 15 min.

In this Simply3DWorld tutorial we take a look at how to create the Jedi Starfighter from the latest Star Wars trilogy. The model is made from polygons and NURBS and where we need to bring out extra detail we convert to Sub-D's. By using the three different geometry types available in Maya you'll learn how to get the best results in the fastest way during the modeling process.

Working with polygons we extrude edges and faces, we put the split poly and the cut faces tools to practical use, and also we go over how the sculpt geometry tool can help you get better results when creating curved shapes. Modeling with NURBS we create lofted surfaces, use the EP curve tool and work with simple path extrusions. Using NURBS primitives we insert isoparms and manipulate CV's.

* Inorganic Modeling
* Polygons, NURBS and Sub-D's workflow
* Converting between different types of geometry to get the best results

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