Gnomonology Vehicle Rendering in 3ds Max
Gnomonology - Vehicle Rendering in 3ds Max  | 139 MB |  
In this video Jeff Patton takes an in-depth look at how to create a realistic render of a vehicle in 3DS max using Mental Ray.

Jeff walks you through the process step by step and provides a solid foundation for you to be able to create your own renders and understand Mental Ray.
Specifically, Jeff covers the following items: Arch and Design Materials, Metallic Flake Paint Materials, Using a 3 Point Lighting Setup, Photographic Exposure Controls, Kelvin Controls, Texturing, The New Composite Map in 3DS Max 2009.

Please note that 3DS Max 2009 is REQUIRED.
Please note that the gamma settings are as follows:
Enable Gamma/LUT Correction = Enabled
Display Gamma=2.2
Bitmap Input Gamma=1.0
Bitmap Output Gamma=2.2

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