Eat3D - Zbrush Character Production | 1.25GB

In this DVD Michael Pavlovich starts off by taking up where the first DVD left off and covers the new features in ZBrush 3.5 R3.

Chapter 1 New Features in ZBrush 3.5 R3

* Section 1 Using QuickSketch
* Section 2 New Brushes in R3
* Section 3 SubTools
* Section 4 PolyPainting and Group Loops
* Section 5 Cavity Masks
* Section 6 ZSketching on Meshes

Chapter 2 Creating a Character from start to finish

* Section 1 Sculpting the Characters Body
* Section 2 Sculpting and Projecting the Head Straps
* Section 3 Creating and Sculpting the Pants
* Section 4 Creating and Sculpting the Belt
* Section 5 Sculpting the Thigh Armor
* Section 6 Sculpting the Straps
* Section 7 Sculpting the Boot
* Section 8 Sculpting the Front and Shoulder Armor
* Section 9 Detailing the Character
* Section 10 PolyPainting the Character
* Section 11 PolyPainting the Teeth, Pants, Armor and More

Chapter 3 ZPlugins, Turntable, and Bonus

* Section 1 Using ZappLink
* Section 2 Using Subtool Master
* Section 3 Using Transpose Master and Decimation Master
* Section 4 Creating a Turntable Movie
* Section 5 Bonus: How to Quickly Add Scales
* Section 5 Bonus: Exporting the PolyPaint
* Section 6 Bonus: Compositing Passes in Photoshop

Project Files included with the video.

ZBrush Files:
Included is the final posed version of the character with all its subtools. The characters body has been decimated but everything else remains untouched.

Also included is the original lowres base meshes that the instructor uses to sculpt the entire character. You should be able to start with these and follow along to create your own version.

Photoshop Files:
Included is the final PSD file that was used to generate the main marketing image with all of its layers.

Also included are a few textures that were used in the video and the exported polypaint.

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