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In this training you will learn a variety of project techniques, useful shortcuts, MetaNode creation, and powerful feature enhancement techniques for Vue versions 7 and up. This training includes project scenes, color maps, materials, objects, and tools.*

Although this training was produced in Vue 8.5, users with Vue version 7 or higher will have no trouble following along. Comments are made during the training specifically addressing version differences and how actions need to be performed in your version of Vue.

Lessons and Run Times      
Waterfalls                                                                                     100 Minutes
Custom Zero Edge Tool, Erosion, & Zone Preservation                 53 Minutes
Modeling & Surfacing Mushrooms                                                   37 Minutes
Procedural Wood Surfaces                                                             35 Minutes
Slope Evaluation & Control                                                             35 Minutes

asileFX - Vue 8 Tips n Tricks

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asileFX - Vue 8 Tips n Tricks

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