Creature Rigging for Source XSI
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Creature Rigging with Softimage|XSI, part of the Noesis Interactive MOD Your World training series, teaches you how to Structure Your Character by demonstrating techniques used by professional rigging artists. Working in Softimage XSI, you'll start with the basics of bones, joints, and hierarchies as you set up an animation rig for a biped skeleton character. Then learn how to create a shadow rig and envelope the character model to it. Next, you'll see the character guides and rigs that are already included in Softimage XSI and learn how to modify them to fit your own needs. Finally, you'll go through the entire process of creating a skeletal rig for a quadruped dragon character, ready to export to the Source engine.

DVD topics covered include:
Overview of a Rig
Creating basic skeletons and controls
Applying constraints
Mesh Deformation
Shadow Rigs
Enveloping / Weighting
XSI Guides and Rigs
Advanced Creature Techniques

Creature Rigging for Source XSI


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