The Rock House Method - Hands of Steel
The Rock House Method - Hands of Steel
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Your hands are important to you as a guitar player, and they need to be kept in shape to get the very best from your abilities. This DVD demonstrates a routine of exercises and workouts especially designed for the health and dexterity of your digits.

Routine 1 begins with some simple alternate picking exercises and hammer-on and pull-off examples and move on to some more difficult exercises that help to isolate all of your left hand fingers and fingering combinations. The routine finishes with an alternate picked Minor Pentatonic pattern which is then transposed across the 5 Pentatonic patterns which is also a useful pentatonic scale memorising exercise.

Routine 2 expands on the first starting with more advanced picking patterns and scale exercises. John also has a couple of tricky exercises named “The Killer” and “Finger Crusher” the first is a chromatic pattern to get your fingers used to crossing strings using an awkward fingering pattern which helps build strength and coordination and the “Finger Crusher” moves a pentatonic pattern 2 strings at a time up and down the neck. There are also exercises that just isolate your 3rd and 4th left hand fingers which is something most guitarists need to do from time to time.

Routine 3 takes the first 2 lessons a step further with advanced legato runs, incorporating open strings into patterns and string skipping pentatonic licks. There is also a monster exercise called simply the “Classical Exercise” which brings together all of the exercises into something more musical, don’t worry all of these exercises are included in a tab booklet with the DVD.

This DVD is meant to apply to players of all levels but I think that Beginner to Intermediate players will find this DVD the most useful, advanced players will already know a lot of these exercises or will create some themselves

The Rock House Method - Hands of Steel

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