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The tools and techniques taught in this DVD are not only specific to the world of cosmetic retouching. Probably a better title for the DVD would have been 'Studio Techniques'.
These techniques are everyday tools which are used on landscape, portrait, in fact any image. The tools learned here are all based on using Layer and Alpha Channel combinations creating the higest quality results with ultimate flexibility.

 DVD Chapters

Lines and Wrinkles
Reducing not removing lines and wrinkles can be a more natural approach leaving you with a convincing result.

Hot Spot removal
Removing 'overexposed holes' in faces has become a bigger problem since the arrival of digital cameras.

Image Lighten
Brighten an image preserving shape and colour.

Lip enhancement (burn)
A far superior burn tool than the one provided in Photoshop.

Eye brightening (dodge)
A far superior doging tool than the one provided in Photoshop.

This is an example of probably the easiest, quickest but higest quality sharpening for portraits.

Skin Smoothing
Perform this task within seconds with a sense of realism not the cartoon results often seen.

Make-Up Techniques (colouring)
Applying make-up to skin without excessive compression giving the most natural adjustment.


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