Digital Art Tutorials: COLORING IN LAYERS OR CHANNELS | 296.34MB | ES-DF-HF

Most comic originals are drawn on 11 x 17 inch boards and are scanned at 300 dpi. On the CD-ROM you’ll find accompanying files so you can work along to the tutorial. In the Psds folder you’ll find the full layered Photoshop files for you to inspect. Also in this folder is the original line art for you to color on. In the Swatches folder you’ll find a sample of Brian’s color palette. Please refer to your Photoshop manual for installing these. I realize this is all too brief but it should get you started on the right path…or totally confuse you.




Hotfile Part 1 | Hotfile Part 2 | Hotfile Part 3


Easy-Share Part 1 | Easy-Share Part 2 | Easy-Share Part 3


Depositfiles Part 1 | Depositfiles Part 2 | Depositfiles Part 3


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