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LABs power in creating believable separation of colors has made it the venue of choice for many outdoor photographers. These lessons explore not only the basic structure of LAB and its common uses, but expands into several advanced retouching areas.

Lesson 01 Introduction (5:07)
Lesson 02 The Power of LAB (7:56)
Lesson 03 More LAB Power (4:48)
Lesson 04 A Look at the LAB Channel (8:30)
Lesson 05 A Basic LAB Curve (8:06)
Lesson 06 Taking the Curve Further (5:06)
Lesson 07 When Not to Use LAB (9:05)
Lesson 08 A Closer Look at the LAB Channels Themselves (4:29)
Lesson 09 Creating New Colors (3:06)
Lesson 10 Correcting a Color Cast (13:50)
Lesson 11 Enhancing Color with LAB (9:03)
Lesson 12 LAB and Masks (13:35)
Lesson 13 Applying a Quick LAB Workflow (6:33)
Lesson 14 Paying Attention to Skin Tone (7:20)
Lesson 15 Taking Advantage of LAB Concepts While in RGB (1:56)
Lesson 16 Blending Adjustments in LAB (7:59)
Lesson 17 Masks and Selections in LAB (2:28)
Lesson 18 More LAB Blending Power (4:57)
Lesson 19 Using LAB to Help Fix CYMK Images (3:08)
Lesson 20 Getting Better Skies (7:55)
Lesson 21 A Final Look at the Power of LAB (2:15)
Lesson 22 Conclusion (2:44)

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