What is the Stitch plug-in?

Stitch is the the only available professional solution for easy creation and application of seams to objects in Autodesk Maya. Deriving its origin from Seamour, the world’s first ever available solution for seam creation in Autodesk Maya, Stitch is the logical choice when it comes to any kind of professional seam creation on virtual objects. But Stitch is more than just Seamour 2.0! Through careful investigation of the seaming workflow of customers using Seamour and their invaluable feedback, Stitch has become an evolved and mature application that leads its users to better results in less time. It’s just fun to work with Stitch!

What are the benefits using Stitch over any other solution?

Throughout the development of Stitch different approaches to creating virtual seams have been analyzed. There is the texturing approach that relies on certain prerequisites like a correct UV layout, a couple of maps for color, normal or displacement mapping, an advanced visual artist who puts together all these pieces correctly. Although the results can be pleasing, visually, when looked at from good distance, the setup time is not! Not to mention the problems that arise when major changes to the seams are required, most times the only possible solution is to start all over again. Another approach is using sculpting tools, which can lead to good results, visually, but also lack the flexibility and reusability Stitch offers.
What makes Stitch so flexible?

In contrast to any other seam solution, Stitch uses existing edge loops of your virtual garment, delivering the most accurate seam flow you can get. It also supports smooth meshes that are created on-the-fly (using the Smooth Mesh Preview) and adapts the seam flow accordingly. Whenever you change your virtual garment, the seam on it will follow. No need for re-creation, no additional setup time. In cases where the virtual garment does not provide suitable edge loops, e.g. scanned surface data or any other arbitrary mesh, arbitrary curves can be used to sketch the seam flow and Stitch will attach the seam to the underlying garment and make sure it stays there!
Stitch also provides convenience functions like copy & paste of seam properties to recreate a certain look of a seam. It also includes a node that can project curves on meshes, making it suitable for stitching any kind of logos or creating badges.
What seams can be created using Stitch?

Are you sitting on a chair? Have a look at the seams on the backrest, the pad or anywhere else. Creating these with Stitch is easy and fun. Any seaming on garment, car seats, furniture and everything you can possibly think of are possible using Stitch.
Can I define my own stitch types and yarns?

Definitely! Apart from the default types that are built in to make Stitch easy to learn and to use you can customize Stitch to use any number of curves defining a new stitch type. Whether it may be a cross stitch, a baseball stitch or a double lap seam, any type of stitch is possible. You’re unlimited in the number and types of stitches you would like to use for every seam, even using letters or whole words is possible! This also applies to the yarn, its profile can be set individually, making it very easy to create different looks!



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