Ticket01 Konstrukt For Maya 2010, 2011 32Bit & 64Bit

What is the Konstrukt plug-in?

When it comes to the search for new shapes that no one ever before has encountered – Konstrukt will support and help you with that. Its Geometry Deformer works like an object magnet that can attach and project all kinds of geometry onto a NURBS surface. The projected geometry will stay modifiable. While being attached and floating across the base, the objects can easily be transformed like any other object. The common manipulators are provided to do so and ensure an interactive feedback.

Konstrukt creates random Voronoi diagrams on-the-fly. A 20.000 cell entity is usually done in under a second. A built in option can also transform these diagrams into Centroidal Voronoi Diagrams. How fast this transformation goes is entirely up to you. It’s all in the sliders. Voronoi diagrams* can be used to create a variety of shapes, e.g. cell-like structures, cracked and shattered objects, stained glass or other interesting objects that would be tedious to nearly impossible when tried to be modeled manually.

The Honeycomb module will do exactly what it says, it creates hexagonal structures. These are also highly configurable and very versatile.
The Extended LiveWire is a consistent further development of the LiveWire feature found in the MultiTool. It enhancements are texture-driven variable insets that can be applied per-face or per-vertex.

Generize. Using a NURBS surface as base object and any kind of geometry (curves, surfaces, meshes) as template allows the artist for creating complex pattern-based objects that deform with their base shape. The image to the right was created using a simple sphere as base and only one template. The repetition along U and V across the base surface can be changed interactively in the scene. Generize offers a lot more, like texture-map driven scaling and distribution, Genotype::Phenotype support for blending between up to 4 different shapes, attractor support to create unique objects and much more.

object* replication within NURBS parametric space

deformation follows NURBS object

unique 2D texture map driven scaling



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