BootCamp 3.1 for MacBook Air 13 (2011)

BootCamp 3.1 for MacBook Air 13 (2011) | 535 Mb

Boot Camp - a program in the OS Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, which allows you to install and use a compatible version of Microsoft Windows on a Mac computer with an Intel.This archive includes drivers for the model MC503 (with SSD storage) and software to fine tune the touchpad (right click, click on the tapu) funtsionalnyh keys, select the boot OS.

Year of manufacture : 2011

Version : BootCamp 3.1 for MacBook Air 13 "(production: late 2010 (MC503)) for Windows7 32 | 64
Developer : Apple
Platform : Intel only
Language : English Russian
Crack : Not required
Description :
Under Windows7 BootCamp does not need to be updated, the system will update the necessary drivers if necessary.
Tested under Windows7 32bit installation method through the installer Boot Camp setup.exe , problems during the week were found.
For those who do not like to run the installer - all drivers Apple packs rar-ohm, it can also decompress.
Version of the official video card drivers included: nVidia GeForce320M 257.46 on 08/16/2010.
I have worked and nVidia GeForce320M 266.58.
Algorithm to manually install a new video driver for the MacBook:
1. Driver type aa?ney_notebook_winvista_win7_32bit_international_whql.exe with Nvidia's site.
2. Go to Device Manager, select the unit card, select the tab between inputs and driver version ("information" seems to be), drop-down list select the ID and copies out the line type PCI VEN_10DE & DEV_08A3 & SUBSYS_00D3106B & REV_A2.
3. Rahr unpack the downloaded archive with the driver of Nvidia. Situated in one of subfolders nvao.inf and open with notepad.
4. Find a line of type "NVIDIA_DEV.08A0.01 =" NVIDIA GeForce 320M "". It is important that it was first found line with the mention of your NVIDIA GeForce 320M. Value from the first mention of the driver, NVIDIA GeForce 320M type NVIDIA_DEV.08A0.01 memorize.
5. Now begins the search from the beginning of the file again, but the expression of NVIDIA_DEV.08A0.01 (you may vary) that you remember in step 4. It will meet twice in the file. In both cases, replace PCI VEN_10DE & Tram monument, monument on your ID that you copied in step 2.
6. Next uninstall the current Nvidia driver, reboot and put the new, with a modified nvao.inf.
You can not bother, and simply extract the driver Rahr, and install drivers from the archive forced manually by specifying the list proposed by the first line of NVIDIA GeForce 320M.
Attention! When playing the "heavy" films, working with 3D graphics or movies can strong overheating laptop. The fact that "the beauty and tranquility" heat removal system has a small hole under the matrix, and fan speed too low. There are complaints that the heavy use of video MacBook Air barely warranty year. To avoid problems, monitor the temperature of GPU, use the utility smcfancontrol (in my native MacOSX does not matter) or analog under Windows.
If after the MacBook launch EFI and you see a white screen for 15-40 seconds before passing control to boot Windows, you most likely cause is that you have installed the driver manually, and EFI is looking for a partition with MacOSX. Need from the installer put in the archive utility OS choice at startup and select it in Windows - download the following should be started quickly.
The average time to load desktop on a clean system Windows7 32 with SSD128 20-25 seconds.
Ext. Information :
Actually get the driver from the Boot Camp package is under my laptop is not so easy. I for example does not fit 90% of drivers from the existing distributions / archives, even though the editing. Inf files.
To successfully get the drivers you need:
Put Mac OS X one partition enabled logging for the entire drive - the requirement itself BootCamp Assistant. Ie carry a preset system. Not always pre-installed BootCamp Assistant to the section office applications. Then you must run the MacBook with the mounting stick while holding the C key, and the installer package to deliver. When connection is broken during the download, BootCamp Assistant starts all over again. Even if you manage to finish downloading, BootCamp Assistant will allocate space for the Windows partition and it turns out that the system is too defragmented, or you want to remove from it too large files that prevent repartition sections. Therefore, the BootCamp Assistant will run better on a new installation, before any installation. Save the driver can be either external drive, or burn to disc, but only once. How many need a place to store files, BootCamp Assistant in advance can not say you can only make a rough estimate, watching the traffic pumping through the airport. For any failure, while maintaining the data needed to reboot and start all over (including uploading data) first. Half of the downloaded file you certainly do not need, because it contains either a 32 - or 64-bit drivers. USB flash drive before saving the BootCamp drivers are urged to format to FAT32 on the MacBook that you are not caught up with the disappointment of repeating the entire procedure. So in conclusion, it should be noted that the official technical support for procedure to install Windows on their laptops, Apple does not provide.

BootCamp 3.1 for MacBook Air 13 (2011)


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