Cartoon Smart Super Dynamic Photo Gallery
Cartoon Smart Super Dynamic Photo Gallery
290 MB MOV | 381.43 kbits/sec – AAC stereo 44.100 khz | 1000×750 pixel

Super Dynamic, but also super cool. The coolness is a little hard to explain blog-style, so I beg you to visit the main sales page on this one and check out the nifty features of this gallery. I think its two-fold, first its just a quick zippy way of jumping from thumbnail to fullsize image. But second, you can use query string variables to control where the Flash file decides to look for an image sequence, as well as, different folders. Don't get it? Did that fly right over your head? Probably so, but check out the bottom portion of the sales page for this one, and I've laid it out in less geeky terms.


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